Kristina Introduces 7Billion: Emerging Conscious Conversations

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We are at a place in our evolution where we as individuals, and societies, need to co-create a new story about who we are and what our place is in the universe. 7Billion wishes for you to dive deep into your own emotional and spiritual potential through reflection on the metaphors, the interactions, and the philosophies represented by the social artistry of Kristina Amelong through her iPhone.



Explore the social artistry behind 7Billion. We currently offer nine galleries of film and photography. New galleries will continue to emerge.

Contemplative Writing

Dive into your inner depths and learn more conscious communication through Kristina’s Contemplative Writing course and other trainings.

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Bring the Visual Language of Oneness to your World

7Billion encourages bringing the visual language of oneness, awakening, change, growing up, and waking up into daily practices, businesses, art galleries, hospitals, and other public institutions. Any of these galleries are available for an exhibition. Kristina Amelong also offers the opportunity to co-create oneness in action: Invite her to your business or event to film and to photograph moments of awakening and conscious conversations.