Whatiswell Being

What is Well-Being?

A letter from a fellow roving traveler:

Dear Kristina,

While surfing the websites for colon cleansing accessories and essential oils, I came across your website, www.optimalhealthnetwork.com, and your expansive, helpful and informative video library. I am especially heartened upon viewing your presentation on the reflections of well-being which you so aptly articulated: “Living in the moment and entering into the depth of each moment in the fullest way possible and the deeper levels of oneself.” Your philosophy of maintaining well-being is admirable and commendable. All too often when viewing presentations on how to maintain optimal health well-being from an alternative medicine perspective, emphasis is placed on body-mind systems framed empirically and functionally or at most making casual reference of the spirit dimension in an intellectual manner. I am touched and affected in your approach of transcending objectivity and delving into the realm of subjectivity in an impactful way via your passion of photographing nature in its unadulterated moment which compliments your presentation in a unique and deeper way. As you aptly cited: “Photography gave me permission to dive into each and every moment and the sacredness in the moment.”

You are able to bridge the dimensions of objectivity and subjectivity in a powerful way via your ability to see and experience subtle nuances of nature and the wonder of the fleeting and beautiful moment which are captured in your photography which gives meaning and depth to what we experience in the moment of the indelible bond of nature and our inner selves with divine intrigue, wonder and joy in making this connection as part of the healing process. Your being passionately and spontaneously affected by what you see in nature in the precious moment and how that connects with ourselves and beyond and photographing that moment intuitively is a poetic metaphor (imagistic) which helps to concretize the vital inexpressible and intangible dimensions of spirit. This inclination is rare and I imagine that it must be lonely at times for you when you try to convey this aspect of how you experience well-being in a Holistic way via your photography and are met with passing glances at the surface beauty of your photography but not what it imbues, touches and sets off deep inside the viewer. I am grateful for your journeying on the path that you are on in the way that I have depicted.

Thank you for your inspiriting perspective and depth philosophy of maintaining well-being which is heartening for me. Please continue to provide your valuable approach, outlook and presence in your offerings to others.

— Howard H. Morisheige, Ph.D.

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