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Writing with 7Billion

Welcome to 7Billion Tribe’s new blog segment, based on our Facebook writing group. 

Each day, Kristina posts a unique written prompt and her daily photos.


Guidance for writing:
Open the prompt; trust your thoughts as they arise; write for a minimum of five minutes. We often write longer.

Stay with your mind, with what arises from the words and/or the photos, like a meditation.

We invite you to reflect back exact words from other people’s writing. The practice of Recall is to grab a word, three words, a sentence, or even a whole paragraph, and repost in your comment to other writers.

Sharing bits that moved you from someone else’s writing gifts us each with deep and direct healing, and grows us as both writers and deep thinkers.


No interpretation. No judgement. Simply follow your mind and keep your pen (keys) moving.

 Featured below are excerpts from recent facebook prompts inspired from healing. Join the conversation by posting the topic followed by your reply below. Or directly on our facebook page.

Prompt: A day of living

A day of living, a super small slice of ‘our’ existance, & even smaller when compared to spacetime & our true relativity to the universe, our daily lives are so compact in the evolution of everything, but not so evident to our species, I believe we think in relative terms of our own personal being through our own conscious time here. Many days are a wonderful experiance, some better than others, so others not so much. I’ve just begun to guide myself through all the doubt, real or imagined, past mistakes, lack of maturity, guilt & anxiety, gotta hurry up & move on, the day of living isn’t going to greet me ‘forever’.

Steve Cook


Prompt: A moment I felt the universe

I’ve been crying all day. I walk out onto the frozen lake. The giant moon hangs low, beginning to dip below the horizon. My face is raw, exposed to a harsh wind. The dogs run ahead. I scream, “I don’t care if I am alone.”Anger surging as my usual efforts at shifting my pain are not shifting the voices in my head, the energy in my body, my longing for love. A whisper, buried deep in this wind. I listen, the wind gusts. go deeper inside of me, let resistance go of hating my situation, to stop fighting aloneness, Rayna’s suffering, this exact life. I see a patch of open ice, run, and slide. I lie down, the moon on the ice on me. I look up, seeing the Big Dipper. The dogs are licking my face. I think of Thomas Merton in a monastery. The dogs run away. I stand up, walk towards home, pull my hood over my head. Why does a monastery need to be something only people create? I think. Why can’t the universe herself create a monastery for a person who asked for it? It’s beginning to snow. The moon is gone. I am near the lake’s shore. “Pup! Pup!” I call the dogs in sharp staccato. I am filled with a certaintythis is right, this life. The three dogs and I run across the snowy field to home.

Kristina Amelong


Photo taken by Terry McMurphy

Prompt: Healing through September 11th

Back when I was 38 the Azure sky on a Tuesday morning on the Hudson the view south orange flames black smoke the collapse of the towers pulverized mix of Humans,concrete,burning,carpeting.the Transformation with the collapse the stoic no eye contact of the era before the event.the firewall fell on that day,people became open on that day. The good in the hearts of people from all walks of life forgot their differences on that day.I was a mile north on the Hudson that day. I was fortunate that the wind carried the dust away from me that day.I know some one that has breathing problems from it. This event is still playing out in our lives.I think New York City is better off because of it but, the rest of country?

Terry McMurphy



Prompt: Being Held

Being held opens up a whole new world – a world of comfort, security, a world without words yet communicating at the highest levels, even better than ‘ a look.’ It gives us love – trust – a home, forgiveness, acknowledgement and is the most treasured thing there is. Makes me think of the other day’s prompts “I” and “a thing is a thing”. Being held removes the “I” yet provides camaraderie and it is a “thing” an action a motion a gift that is joint – it is given but is also received. Timing is important depending on the reason but is essential in human life. It promotes love – Friendship and may comfort for those grieving. Being held should not take away autonomy and stature of the person being held but be support and nurturing for that person. For the person giving – should humble that person and be without selfish intent. Sisters, brothers, strangers, friends, partners, and so many more.

Colin England


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