A Sesame Street for Enlightenment

A shared language. A language of healing. A language of world spirituality. The democratization of waking up. A Sesame Street for Enlightenment.

Imagine Bert and Ernie lying in bed discussing this new alphabet of shared human experience.


“Yeah, Ernie?”

“I forgot, what does A stand for?”

“Awakening, Ernie, now go to sleep!”

“Ok, Bert. “

They lie in silence for a few moments. Just as Bert falls into sleep, Ernie asks, “B, Bert, what does B stand for?”

“Ernie! I am trying to sleep!”

“Sorry, Bert. I just don’t want to go asleep feeling dumb.”

“Body. The body you live in. It’s unique expression,” Bert says, rolling on his side to face away from Ernie.

“Thanks, Bert,” Ernie says, touching his arm, his shoulder, his face, as Bert begins to snore.

“Bert!” Ernie startles Bert awake.


“Just one more letter, please Bert!”

“C. Consciousness. It evolves as love inside of you, Ernie. As consciousness evolves inside of you, Ernie, the universe is evolving. As the small, so the big.”

“Thanks, Bert. Love you.”

“Love you, Ernie.”

They both roll over, facing each other, looking in each other’s eyes as they fall asleep.

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