Digital Intimacy: To Gaze with Bald Eagles

Gazing with bald eagles high in the cottonwood trees; falling in love with the baby eaglets; watching snowflakes land on black feathers and wonder if the eagles feel cold – these are a few of my experiences since virtually moving into the nest of the Decorah eagle family today.

It’s potent experience for the heart. It is truly an opportunity once reserved only for gods.

I am in awe again and again over these powers of the gods. The eagle’s nest is filmed in real time – the bald eagles can be seen delivering freshly caught prey, feeding the eaglets, and protecting them from predators and harsh weather. With the help of infrared lighting, the nest is viewable around the clock during the nesting season, which begins in January or February, with the juveniles leaving the nest in June. I bow to all time and all genius allowing me to witness places once hidden from the human eye with the powers of technology.

Two nests are in use by the eagle couple. Both sit atop cottonwood trees standing about 400 feet apart overlooking a fresh stream, next to a trout farm. Last year I sobbed half the day when the young eagles left the nest.

The nests are estimated to measure 6.5 feet in diameter. These nests are homes not only for the eagle family, but also for the human soul. Why else could the symbol of an eagle hold the story of America?

Spend time with the wild aliveness of this eagle family. They will carry you into deep erotic union. Gaze into their sharp eyes, spend time examining how the wind blows through their feathers, wonder what the adult eagles think as they sit atop the eaglets. Enter the intimacy of the eagle’s nest, meditate on this unique experience of outrageous love, and shimmer with the beautiful possibilities for our gorgeous future.

I find their every action to be pure expressions of love.

Click to watch the Decorah Eagles LIVE

P.S. thank you, Dad, for reminding me today to watch the Decorah Eagles.

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