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Time – The Nowness of You

The body lives in time: the past, the present and the future. Yet, all we experience is now.

Can you feel it? In your body? This nowness of you?

Think about it, besides ourselves, what other presence stays with us, moment-by-moment? Time. We are born into the infinite arms of time, into the animate and loving arms of infinity, into our own personal lives.
I believe in the act of merging with how we choose to engage with our time, the ancient traditions call it practice. We, Homo Amore Universalis, will FREE love from its current cultural prison of this sixth mass extinction.

Virginia Woolf, in A Room of One’s Own, echoes the freeing powers of time. In her seminal work, she explores it is not just the room of one’s own which is necessary for the creation of a life to love, but additionally the time to be idle. A freedom to be in relationship to time itself.

I pay attention to time. I am an entrepreneur, living with hours of time to walk outside, reflecting in nature on my worldly passions. I reflect on our whole situation as I look into the trees. I fret about the current crises, from climate change to nuclear weapons, asking my mind to play with these challenges through this lens of all timemerging my mind and my body with evolutionary time. I feel all of it, since the Big Bang, throbbing in my body.

When I look at the branches of trees, I see the evolution of my own circulatory system. When I watch water wave, I feel my heart swoll with love for all beings as I remember what a leap we made to be able to emerge out of water. When I capture light with my camera, I see time stop.

My relationship with time is like Albert Einstein’s relationship with light, but instead of my central question being, What would I see if I traveled at the speed of light? I ask, What is the deepest nature of the situation I find myself in? I study the moment. I find patterns. The deeper I go into the questions the more I find time is not an IT, but a living relationship – a what shall I do in this moment to love more to create more, to own the freedom of my life more.

Then the magic happens, my entire life becomes playing my part with the universe. A cocreation, for the continuation of humanity, power is holy. We humans are power. We have the power to destroy everything and we have the power to birth a new time. Ultimate happiness, the opportunity to participate in this cosmic dance, be Homo Amore Universalis, the cosmos birthing a more loving world.

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  1. Is that it that we only experience now? What about premonitions, or visions of the future that come true, or vivid memories, that we describe as reliving a moment from the past? I have experienced going back two generations to alter the past and who I am in the present. I did this once under an extraordinary circumstance of epi-energetic experience. Yet, it did happen. A spiritual teacher of mine once said that the previous seven and the next seven generations into the future are all happening concurrently. It’s not one damn thing after another, it’s the same damn thing over and over… because we’re living in the past and we call it now but it’s only a lens that gives us the illusion of constancy and presence. Perhaps there’s something to be said for a view of leadership in which a leader is being in the future now, that is, who they are is a possible future now. Maybe it’s better to think of that as experiencing the future rather than limiting ourselves to putting it inside the container of now-ness.

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