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7Billion and Barbara Marx Hubbard teamed up to offer a we-space where new culture is encouraged to come from the inside out. We base our weekly prompts on code’s from Barbara’s book, 52 Codes For Conscious Self Evolution: A Process of Metamorphosis to Realize Our Full Potential Self. 

Continue reading to see some of the amazing writing that participants of  Contemplative Writing with Kristina Amelong, Awaken the New Species created for Code 43.

Keep in mind: We write with no judgement and we read with no judgement. Contemplative writing is a tool to feel into whatever wants to express itself through you, in the moment. Please let this thought guide you in reading others contemplative pieces.


Dianne Gosslee

Grandmother Moon hear my plea!
My children act crazy that live with me!
I offer my minerals as en-er-gy
To heat their homes and feed their needs!
My water flows freely for all to share.
My children dump waste, without a care!
They act like they own me!
I feel like a slave!
I feel infertile when they misbehave!
They fight with each other
Over gifts I offer!
Their weapons are lethal,
Causing all to suffer!
I provide them fresh air,
So all can breathe!
They’ve congested the flow
And polluted the breeze.
My storms grow fierce!
My droughts increase!
My lightning strikes,
And fires release!
My body rumbles
With seizures that quake!
My heartbeat rhythms have started to break
With Divine timing
And Cosmic flow!
Please let my mother Milky Way know!
My children don’t share!
They hoard our resources!
They’ve forgotten that greed
Results in recourses!
They’ve disconnected
From Cosmic Heart’s Rhythm!
They live out of balance
With all they’ve been given!
Help me!  Help me!
I’m in distress!
Ask all to pray
To bless this mess!
Our resonant love field
Has been disturbed!
I fear extinction
I feel perturbed!



Grandmother Moon responds to her plea!
“Listen to me!
Please listen to me!
Grandmother Milky Way already knows!
Her poor heart is beating very slow!
She has stopped speaking!
Her energy’s leaking!
Her silence resounds for all to hear!
All of creation feels her fear!
Grandmother Galaxies speak telepathically,
Holding the Heart Space of Love in Community!
Her sister, Andromeda
Has called an alert
To all of the universe to pray for a birth
Of new ways of thinking and acting and loving,
Among all of Earth’s sisters and brothers!
Grandfather Sun alerts all the stars!
Butterfly nebula flies from afar
To share the news of the Galaxies’ meeting!
All over the cosmos, energy’s fleeting!
In response to the breach of trust and alignment,
They call out loud for love and refinement!
They’re in the flow of changes to come!
They feel compassion,
For all as one!
Grandmother Cartwheel is in a spin!
Grandmother Whirlpool has flipped on end!
Cigar Galaxy is firing up!
Grandmother Sombrero has become abrupt!
The Twin Galaxies have merged into one!
No one is having any fun!
Sunflower Galaxy has begun to wilt!
Black Eye Galaxy is filled with guilt!
Fireworks Galaxy emotes to explode!
Grandmother Pinwheel has begun to erode!
Triangulum Galaxy has a strange angle!
Antennae Galaxies have started to dangle
Toward Grandmother Bull’s Eye!
Lookout everyone!
She doesn’t like it when no one has fun!
They breathe together,
To calm themselves down,
And connect with THE HEARTBEAT
Creating sound!
It beats steady RHYTHM
For LOVE to rebound!
THE COSMIC HEART holds the space
To remind every heart,
‘There’s no need to race!
Just lift your hearts in gratitude
For all the gifts Mother Earth exudes!
Now sync your hearts with SACRED RHYTHM!
Release your fears to the tempo that’s hidden
In the empty space that lies between
All that is,
Yet unseen!
A great many creatures that inhabit the Earth,
Are singing together to call for rebirth
Of the tempo of love in the universe!’
The Grandmothers’ energy begins to lift!
Universal synergy begins to shift!
They hum from their hearts in gratitude
Appreciating LOVE
Beautiful music resonates
Filling with GRACE
Calling all creatures
Joining as ONE,  
Let’s sing along with ‘em!
They sing like this,
Huh, Hum, Huh, Hum;
Huh, Hum, Huh, Hum;
Huh, Hum, Huh, Hum;
Huh, Hum, Huh, Hum…
Humming the universe
Back into bliss!”

Ali Laseman

Meet me in a field.

This field of my whole being.

This field, I feel,
closer to my creative impulse
than ever before.

In this field
ideas flutter around,
playing in a breeze of thoughtfulness,
once in a while noting
an especially delicious looking action step sprouting from the soil.

The idea stops to drink the succulent nectar of action,
as they say,
you are what you eat.

Then the idea may take its own action flying away,
back into the breeze
but as the idea met the action step,
the action meets the soil of potential,
rooting deeper into possibility.

As these actions take root in potential,
sometimes the well nourished ones are hard to tell apart!
What is plant and what is soil?
How action and potential can get carried away with one another,
so sweet.

In this field,
definition is yours to claim,
for expression is the ultimate gain.

Meet me in a field.

Where the patterns seem so clear
thoughts and reflections,
tangled up with in actions
creating potential,
everything BUT detrimental.
Determined and somewhat thrilled.
I lay awake thinking,
in this field.


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