First of all thank you for visiting 7Billion. We have many hopes for this world and they start with you.

Our Mission Statement 

7Billion is dedicated to nurturing human potential.

Potential is the capacity that we all have to develop into our true selfs. 7Billion strives to help you develop into this potential, your place in this universe. We invite you to do this by developing resources to help you on this journey.

Our Values

Science shows that Earth is in the midst of its sixth mass-extinction crisis. Humans are at a place in our evolution where we as individuals and societies need to co-create a new story about who we are and what our place is in the universe. 7Billion wishes to inspire humankind to dive deep into our own emotional and spiritual potential through personal inquiry and reflection on the metaphors and philosophies represented by the social artistry of Kristina Amelong through her iPhone. Kristina’s art takes many forms including photography, videography, and contemplative writing to examine the world’s joy and suffering and effect change internally, locally, and worldwide. She has begun to create a multi-level community (The Tribe), which spans various social media platforms and physical spaces to bring people together in conscious conversations, to support us all in our co-creation of a new story for planetary survival. This involves offering new words, practices, and perspectives to aid in mindful communication and growth towards oneness in action.