A Gallery Dedicated to Being Human

Welcome to the 7Billion gallery, Being Human. What is it to be human, to have the potential to mold our surroundings into a world everyone can thrive in, or perish in? If we thought of every human as our brother, mother, daughter, how would the world look? Through wisdom traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Native Cultures, and more contemporary scientific explorations such as neuroscience, physics, the biology of epigenetics, and trauma healing, we know inner work creates the potential for thriving cultures. Explore this gallery with this hopeful potential in your heart. We know you will be supported in furthering your own inner evolution.

Questions to explore with Being Human gallery:
Are humans good?
How do we create communities of safety to heal from our collective and generational trauma?
Why is working with death core to growing up and waking up?
Can deeply integrating the emergent cosmic story into every human heart bring about systems that truly meet human needs and save the planet?
How does nurturing our inner lives support our personal and collective human potential?
Can humans change?
What experiences do we need to face in order to heal our collective trauma?

We invite you to bring this inquiry into your personal practice and into the social spaces you share with others.

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