A Gallery Dedicated to The Calling

Welcome to the 7Billion gallery, Calling. This gallery explores Kristina’s calling to create 7Billion as one person’s offering to push the human race forward. Through a ferocious devotion to inner growth, through letting her heart break, and through love, Kristina Amelong finds herself called to share her path of spiritual awakening and emotional growing up. The art and social interactions generated through this calling reflect how each moment offers the potential for awakening and healing to all human beings. Consciousness is an emergent reality of the ever expanding cosmos, and as we are all one, each person’s inner life matters. The more we internalize this idea, and live into our inner potential, the greater the transformation potential of our collective communities.

Questions to explore with The Calling gallery:
How does healing happen?

Why is generational healing key to healing?
How do we cultivate courage?
How does the Universe break through ordinary human perception?
What synchronicity, patterns, are emerging in your life?
Do you have a soul’s calling?
How do you answer it?
How do you feel?
Who will you talk to today about your feelings?
How does elevating our individual consciousness move the entire human race forward?

We invite you to bring this inquiry into your personal practice and into the social spaces you share with others.

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  1. That’s the most amazing transformation. I don’t think in our angry, scared culture that people realize how easy it actually is to “pull the cork,” so to speak. I’ve found that once a person gets that I’m sincerely trying to connect, in the next second they’re telling me deep stuff, fears, wishes, etc.

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