A Gallery Dedicated to Evolution

Welcome to the 7Billion gallery, Evolution. This gallery explores the mechanisms of deep change, and of spreading new stories of hope. Humans are facing extinction. Yet, if we take the cosmic view, we see great crisis precedes big change. In Kristina’s art, she seeks to root the emergent stories of hope deep into the collective mind of humanity. In this gallery, for instance, she explores the evolutionary changes that seem to have brought about dogs from wolves. We think of evolution as being the survival of the fittest, the stories brought forward by Darwin, where the strong and the dominant survive and the soft and weak perish. But, the success of dogs comes down to survival of the friendliest. Humans have a long history of exterminating wolves, rather than trying to adopt them – almost every culture has hunted wolves to extinction. So, instead of humans adopting wolves, it is more likely that a population of wolves adopted us. As the advantages of dog ownership became clear, we were as strongly affected by our relationship with them as they have been by their relationship with us. Dogs may even have been the catalyst for our civilization. In her day-to-day life, Kristina notices the power of friendliness, the power of dogs, and the power of stepping into evolutionary proceses, like how the heart changes when our lives change.

Questions to explore with Evolution gallery:
Each of us is responsible for our journey. But, where do we go with this?

How can facing human extinction bring about deep change, and profound hope?
What are you devoted to? Are these devotions serving you, serving the greater good?
How can mirroring friendliness with strangers change the evolutionary course of humans?
How can we learn to be courageously friendly, en masse, with the help of dogs?
Can healing from deep feelings of being unwanted change our current course?

We invite you to bring this inquiry into your personal practice and into the social spaces you share with others.

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