A Gallery Dedicated to Extinction: A New Story

Welcome to the 7Billion gallery, Extinction: A New Story. Explore with Kristina, with the people she interviews, and with the metaphors she creates awakening, healing, and change around the real threat of human extinction. We invite you to look deeply – with purpose, tears, rage, fear, and wholeness – and then move into loving action. We have choice through the relationships we choose to create.

This gallery was inspired by Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Charles Eisenstein.

Questions to explore with Extinction gallery:
Could inquiry into the potential extinction of humans emerge wisdom, in a tipping point of humanity, to avoid the impending sixth mass extinction?

Does understanding, facing, and working through our collective suffering connect us with transformational truths for all of humanity?
How do we move through denial?
Is healing ourselves also healing the community?
How do we claim in our hearts what we have done to this planet, and then move into wisdom action?

We invite you to bring this inquiry into your personal practice and into the social spaces you share with others.

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  1. Potential transformation is a beautiful thing. I’m grateful that you are trying to activate it through your project. I think I’m an optimistic realist. I will try many times to bring out somebody’s better nature, to invite them, but I also expect to be disappointed often, and that’s OK. When someone does accept the invitation to transform/cross a boundary/rethink some long-held belief, that carries me for a long time.

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