A Gallery Dedicated to Understanding Our Suffering

Welcome to the 7Billion gallery, Understanding Our Suffering. This gallery explores the deep process of generational healing as a direct path to transforming our world towards humanity’s compassionate potential. Living requires a deep ability to digest and transform suffering, a true death and rebirth process, and continuous ability within each one of us to look deeply at our world – with purpose, tears, rage, transcendence – and then move into loving action. Let’s invite the darkest parts of ourselves into the light of question and empathy.

Questions to explore with Understanding Our Suffering gallery:
How do we create space and safety for ourselves, and each other, to feel what we feel?
Why is it important to atone for our actions, and for the actions of those who came before us?
How do we systematically, as individuals and as societies, work through our woundedness?
How do we stay with moments of pain as they arise?
How do we face the denial we are collectively struggling with around what we are doing to our planet and to all life?
How do we spend time healing with nature?
How do we piece together our shattered selves?

We invite you to bring this inquiry into your personal practice and into the social spaces you share with others.

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  1. Talking to strangers is like one of the worst things in the world–but I understand how nothing changes if we don’t risk crossing boundaries of self, of group, of fear.

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