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Thank you for the past two magical weeks together – I have never experienced anything like those calls – it is new to me – it’s a really amazing way to connect and as an experiment for the larger gathering of Awakening the Species, it is a good start to joining genius (developing, growing genius) and most especially in vocational arousal.

~Sarah N


I have been participating in this course and it is Life Changing, the Love and Sacredness that I experienced writing with Kristina and the rest of the Class I can not recommend it highly enough!


The old paradigm is depending on others to lead the way or to tell us how to evolve……the new paradigm is BEing the way by seeing myself as the person other people see me to be. Seeing ourselves as we are seen by others is how a thriving world is created. Can you imagine living in a world made up of people who know they are Loved and valued completely for the vibrant BEings they are?? Wow……
This whole program is providing the container for me to unravel the Me that has been there from the beginning…….I am the butterfly that has been hidden within the caterpillar and this course is helping Me emerge as the butterfly that I Am. It’s like Michelangelo chipping away the unwanted clay to discover the masterpiece inside.
~ Patti

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that your Contemplative Writing Course has brought into my life. I am humbled and delighted by your very presence and that of the others in the group. I believe that I am more present as a result of the Love, support  and encouragement I received. I am opening my eyes to a more divinely beautiful world than I ever thought possible. I feel empowered and vulnerable as I basque in the Chrysalis that Patti speaks of.

~With Love, Christine

Primero  quiero decir, muchísimas gracias Kristina por tomarte el tiempo de mostrarnos las maravillas que el ser humano puede crear. La creatividad para mi es de suma importancia, ya que es una manera de mostrar nuestra inteligencia y esperanza hacia el mundo entero. Eres impresionante, eres fabulosa, eres grandiosa, eres artísticamente muy creativa y me llena de alegría poder decírtelo a ti. Si tan solo pudiéramos meditar y  navegar en nuestras mentes  para poder crear lo maravilloso que puede ser tu mente al vivir lo que tú vives en tu mundo benigno, nuestras vidas serían placenteras y estaríamos disfrutando de un gran regocijo, entonces diría yo, finalmente he logrado separar o alejar mi angustia de mi mente o en otras palabras, estaría separando mi cuerpo de mi alma. ” Que descanse en paz”  suele decir la gente cuando mueren, pero yo digo: porque no descansar en paz mientras vivo?

~Eugenio Rodarte Cabral

Translation: First I want to say, thank you Kristina for taking the time to show us the wonders that humans can create. Creativity for me is very important because it is a way to show our intelligence and hope for the world. You’re amazing, you’re fabulous, you’re great, you’re artistically very creative and I am delighted to tell you. If only we could meditate and navigate in our minds to create what wonderful it can be your mind to live as you live in your benign world, our lives would be pleasant and we would be enjoying a great joy, then I would finally have accomplished separate or away my anxiety from my mind or in other words, would my body apart from my soul. “May he rest in peace,” they say people when they die, but I say that not rest in peace while living ?

Really, thanks for the magic u have given me, to quite frankly be ‘involved’ in the ‘extended thinking’ that I experiance, to be a part of the whole, to me, is really unbelieveable, without your network, I wonder where would my mind really be , this is much cooler than just using thoughts from all previous attitudes, very revealing & satisfactory, thank you so much for the seat on the rocket ship, I have a one way ticket, I’m having way too good of a time than I maybe imagined, thank you for showing me ‘real’ intro-thinking.

Just have been thinking about perception. Our sight provides us with wonders of our world – the sense of location, being, and reaction but then there are those without sight who rely on hearing our surrounds, being more sensitive to many things we with sight miss sight sometimes confuses the real world the real feelings and senses. The brain is easily confused and influenced. But what about those who have no sight and no hearing. Touch is probably the most important to life. to feel the textures or everything, to use the imagination that is boundless. These are the feelings that bind friends but concentrate life and being. We can be friends and lovers to many people, but our morals, attitudes and ethics based in our minds keeps us sane and good. Sometimes this writing thing just teaches me that I care about lots of things and a number of people. Now I need to sift though all this and live my life as it is and now wish for what I don’t have such as a fully healthy life, no stress  and so on – it just means these senses are telling me I am alive and that friends are so important in this social world. Too often many of us want these things for ourselves but to do so is selfish and does not promote life and living. Appreciation is something that should be cherished. Thankyou for your writing prompts and whatever connect we may have in this space we call the Earth. Love you heaps in the nicest way.


I always ‘thought’ I liked to ‘think’! Thank you for the guidance & the inspiration to do just that. I’m feeling good  about expanded conscious progression❤

Donald C.



Hi Kristina,
We’ve never met, but I want to express my gratitude for all your posts. Perhaps it is part of your work/life habits to do so. Within the span of a year I have lost my marriage, my home and recently my sister. Your insistence that the ordinary is extraordinary helps me appreciate the mundane and gives me hope during the exponential grief I’ve been experiencing. So many thanks. Your’e doing a fantastic job helping me and probably many others.

When I came into the house (Gallery Night May 5th, 2017), I felt transfer formed by all the love, connection and community with all the kindred spirits there. And, it is one thing to see your photos a few at a time on FB, and quite another to see them blown up and framed with the metallic treatment. The art you created with your heart and mind took my breath away and left me feeling deeply inspired, not only by the work itself but also by causing me to think about how I could share my gifts with the world. Thank you, my dear friend.

Love, Sue.

I can feel, deeply your genuine experience of being ONE as BEING 7Billion. I can hear it in the peoples voices and almost all of the people are feeling this realization as they speak … Your tireless conviction and commitment to represent us as humans; as diverse multitudes, extraordinary, and ordinary. All woven into the natural world vistas and cells rhythm and pattern . Kristina your tenacious disciplined reach for the value of your speaking self has found a seemingly effortless spontaneous expression in your images.


I so love this, Kris, WOW. A hundred wows. I just love the writing and the site itself is so gorgeous and supports the writing in every way. You are one beautiful soul.


I wanted to say that the intro video to 7Billion is awesome and very well done!! Congratulations on that part!! I think it is amazing that all we want is to have meaningful, purposeful and connected lives and yet we forget so often it’s our only real goal. I am so glad there are people like you trying so humbly to remind us and guide us into remembering this goal. I love you and I love watching your videos.  I love your improv ones also…they both work really well for what you are doing!!


This writing class has been such a salvation to my life. It has become the HIGHLIGHT of my week. Meeting is such a wonderful, heavenly haven for me, my soul. Our Zoom meetings together once a week became a lovely virtual garden to re-connect with self and share that self with others reminding each of us of the freedom to just flow and blossom in our natural and ever present creative genius. Thank you Kristina for being such a gentle and loving hand holding such a fertile space for us all to bloom!

— Amor Luz

Dear Kristina,
I count myself so fortunate to have experienced the contemplative writing course you tailored for our CBi community.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
No stranger to the profound benefits of automatic writing and journaling, and having myself facilitated collaborative feedback practices in branding workshops, I knew I would find value in participating. However, I was delighted to receive such an unexpected amplification of self knowledge, thanks to the culture of support, safety, resonance and reflection you created for us through your warm, caring, creative presence, and via the protocols you instituted.
I found it personally very valuable and enjoyable;  its easy to imagine a scalable version of it benefiting team building endeavors or creative brain storming sessions for businesses with goals to achieve.
With peace and much gratitude,

Kristina Amelong

I have been introduced to Contemplative Writing by Kristina Amelong. I feel sincerely welcomed by Kristina in each class. Kristina has a heart of gold, is open, is authentically interested in people, and has a wealth of knowledge she freely shares with grace. Her instructions are clear. The Contemplative Writing Process as taught by Kristina is precious. She creates a comfortable environment within which writing and connections flourish. I encourage you to jump at the chance to work with Kristina to experience Contemplative Writing. You will be amazed with the process, with the interactions, with your writing, and with yourself!

In Joy,

Shirley Walsh

Carleton Place, Ontario Canada

Dear Kristina,

I would like to share that participation in your Contemplative writing class has such inspiration to me, thank you! The process  has opened me to a wonderful new tool to access Source within me. Prior to beginning the class I would not have considered the attempt out of the fear of what would arise, or a greater fear, that nothing would arise, when putting pen to paper. It now gives me a new way to journey deep into myself and express what is in my heart.  I also want to acknowledge the warmth and intimacy that comes from the sharing of our stories which  is so rich and connects all the writers in a very heartfelt way, I am honoured and appreciative to be part of the group. Your guidance, support, and your mastery of the art form is truly the most inspirational aspect of the class, every story you share is an wonderful expression of your unique ability to weave presence, poetry, and authenticity that gives us all such delight!

Most grateful!

Lots of love to you,

New Zealand